What is your pricing?

If you are on this website, it’s probably because you or a loved one is getting married-or you are spying! Picture this, it’s your 35th wedding anniversary and your kids with their spouses and grand-kids are visiting, you go into the study and on the shelf you bring out this old book with firm bindings containing clear, long-lasting images of you and your spouse in emotional states of joy, happiness, love and hope of a great journey together  and you sit with them telling and showing them what your vows where and how you took them, who the event planner was, telling them which venue you used for your reception, how the décor was the best you could find around then, showing them the designer apparels you had on (your kids and grand-kids would probably be laughing at your taste then), telling them how the MC and the band handled the day perfectly, showing them their grand and great grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who stayed with you all these years and those that didn’t, the cake, drinks etc. How much value would you place on the images and the bond it brings in 35+ number of years from now? We have decided not to make public the value we put on such bond and memories our work brings. Contact us http://www.ishootphotosng.com/contact.html  and we will send you all information you need

We want to take our pre/post-wedding or wedding photographs in this cool location. Do you know if we need permits?

We would love to take pictures of you in those super cool locations. There are plenty places that come to mind and yes some of them require permits and fees however permit have to be obtained by the client. If you have anywhere in mind we can help you inquire and get back to you.

Do you edit all images?

Yes we do. All images that will be delivered to you are edited individually and not through a batch process or mass producing process

How many photographs will we receive?

On an average you get at least 400 pictures. Numbers of pictures may vary depending on number of guest, hours of photography and the day in general.

Can we get negatives/RAW or black and white picture in coloured?

Negatives and RAW files are our property. What you get are edited JPEGS in low or high resolution (depending on your collection/package). Before we convert pictures to black and white we believe it would look better in black and white so we normally would not give you in coloured however our policies are not the bible so we can change and bend them. Ask you just might receive

How soon do we get our pictures?

You get between 2-5 images before 48 hours after the event. In two weeks you get to view some on our social media platforms, facebook, instagram, google+ etc. In four weeks you get to view and share all the pictures on your access controlled online gallery (we will give you your unique link). If we are making your selections for your Photobook you get it delivered to you six weeks after your wedding day.

What is the online gallery you mentioned?

It is a private, password protected section on our website where all you edited photographs will be placed for you and your family and friends to view. All you have to do is provide them with the link and password and you can share your images with them. They can also place order for prints from the gallery.

Where are the Photobooks made?

Our Photobooks are made by the best printing and binding studio in Nigeria. We advise you ask to see samples before you book us. We also have links to have them made by one of the best in USA too and we also have samples for your viewing.

How would you describe your style?

We document weddings in a journalistic style however we are not limited by a genre. We are very hands-on and low-key in our coverage of your day so we won’t always be in your faces. Our images reflect true warm and muted colours, we do not enhance vibrancy of colours and tone of our images. For example the sky won’t become blue on a hot sunny afternoon in our images. We believe in preserving the details of your day, from the cake to your apparels, décor etc so the photographs you get will include all this elements. We would not ruin your moments or ask you to smile or pose while your spouse is reciting his/her vow or when you are listening to the toast or chairman’s speech I would rather wait for the appropriate time-which we demand must have been included in the timeline- to take carefully posed couple, individual and bridal party photographs without guest and family looking on. We would not ask you to jump, lie down, run or ask the bride to old her ears (unless you want too). We believe this poses are contemporary but not timeless. Some years down the line you might be wondering” what were we thinking”. ”. We would not prompt you for emotions as we this won’t be natural however we might incite those emotions by asking you questions or asking you to say lovely words to each other. My photographs of guest at receptions are mostly journalistic. We rarely stop the guest at tables and ask them to pose for a table shot. I prefer to capture them laughing, smiling, dancing and having a great time. Remember photography is not magic, nah as you pose nah so you go show

How do we take the order of photograph pictures?

We take them orderly as the name suggest. We advise you have your best man announce the order as soon as we leave the joining ceremony and we take the photographs on location. Taking the order of ‘’photography” to reception venue will not work as everyone will be engrossed with serving guest and making them comfortable

Can you hold a date for me?

YES WE CAN!!! As long as you pay a retainer which is 50% of the total cost and sign our contract. The date will be held for you. We also require another 40% before the event date and 10% on delivery of all memorabilia. You are also welcome to pay 100% upfront. This we promise will expedite the delivery process

When can we book you?

ASAP!!! Since this is what locks the date down for you

Do you do Video Coverage?

We are strictly a still photography outfit however; we can recommend professional videographers we have worked with in the past to you.

Would you allow our guest and families take picture?

Yes we allow them take pictures as long as they don’t get in our way and are unobtrusive. However we strongly believe that having tons of photographers from different agencies at your wedding is not ideal. Moments will be lost while everyone is trying to take shots www.ishootphotosng.com/adviceforcouples for our thoughts on this

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

You don’t have too however it would be nice if you did since we would have been with you since the early hours of the day and probably we skipped breakfast just to be there for you. Feeding us assures you we will be cheerful and not grumpy, lively and not dull and most importantly we don’t faint from starvation and become ineffective. Just have your caterer of coordinator make arrangements for us. We will take turns in taking our food and you can be assured we won’t miss those important moments

Do you photography other things other than weddings?

We are 99% wedding photographers however we do photograph other things when time allows us. So contact us http://www.ishootphotosng.com/contact.html  with what you need and we will get back to you. After all our name is iShoot Photography not iShoot Weddings!

Who will photography my wedding?

Niyi Muyi is the lead Photographer at iShoot Photography and he will shoot the wedding with another experienced and capable photography assistant find out more on our bio page http://www.ishootphotosng.com/about.html

Will you travel?

Definitely! We are based in Lagos Nigeria however, we will be honoured to travel to the end of the world with you just to capture moments of the most important day in your life.