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I met Tega and Oscar on the day of this photo session about 3 weeks ago however I had been speaking to Tega since November 2013. She got an amazing deal for an hour photo session and decided to use it for her Pre-Wedding Photo session. Our schedule for December was tight and when we could squeeze out time for the couple they had to travel for their well-deserved Christmas holiday. We moved it to January 2014 and I did not hear from her again until February 2014. When she called me again she had to re-introduce herself and also remind me of our commitment. We set up an appointment and decided we would use Lekki Conservation Center for the Photo session. Tega and Oscar are amazing people we spent the first hour getting to know ourselves that we almost forgot our main mission.

Ladies, I'm sure at one time in your lives you have been teased by friends that you must meet and marry my cousin? This was how Tega and Oscar began. Tega met Oscar's cousin while serving in Lokoja, Kogi State. Oscar's cousin always teased that she will marry her handsome cousin and as it is customary with ladies she would hear none of it. In her words ‘the hype was too much’. Long story short, Oscar got her number, called her, overcame the usual 'shakara' and when they finally met in Lagos Tega admitted to me that the hype from Oscar's cousins was worth it. She had seen his picture but seeing him in person was something else. Tall, dark and handsome. The man of her dreams! Oscar was dogged in his pursuit and he overcame a lot of obstacles (wouldn't want to go into details of obstacles) and had to contend with a a strong opposition to make the beautiful Tega his.

Back to the business of the day we spent over 3 hours having fun and taking pictures. Something was obvious. Tega and Oscars love for each other is tangible, in their presence; you can almost touch it. Credit must be given to Tega's cousin Onre. She helped with the make- up and styling for the couple. She also doubled as my assistant for the day. I'm sure Tega and Oscar would agree with me that they got a great deal for their Pre-Wedding photo session. I want to use this medium to say a BIG THANK YOU to Tega and Oscar for the 20 Litres 'impromptu container' they got me for fuel. It was an ingenious idea! *winks*


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Analyst Spark Ovadje(non-registered)
Nice pics, this is real photo, love the pixels and concept too... Kudos
Nice concept bro
house of rac-L(non-registered)
I love all the picx. Job well done. May for God's blessings in oscar+tega union.Love is sweet when u meet your soulmate.
Pedro Nosa(non-registered)
Creative work, this is unique and different from everyday love lines...Nice job by the photographer, i know this work took longer than one can choosed well. From Pedro, your lodge mate NYSC/KG/11
Jaga Moore(non-registered)
Hias Tega & her beau; wishing u both a boundless sea of love as d gud Lord perfects & makes d joy of ur union complete...cheers 2a match made in heaven!!!
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