Our goal is to document the beauty of the love you feel for each other and also for your parents, families, and friends



If William Shakespeare's imaginations were not skilfully captured in writings, the world would have lost some of the best plays, poems ever written

If Ludwig Van Beethoven's creativity and dexterity as a composer and pianist were not captured the world would have lost symphonies, concertos of pianos and string quartets

The acclaimed best known, most visited, most written about, most sung about, most imitated work of art in the world, The Mona Lisa would have been unknown is not for Leonardo da Vinci artistic proficiency captured with oil on a white Lombardy poplar panel.....

If the glitz and glamour, the hall, decorations, details of your style highlighted by your dressing, the drinks and food served, the cake not forgetting colours of the day, the emotions of love, joy and passion the beautiful people that graced your occasion are not skilfully and creatively captured by iShoot Photography, they will all just be a fleeting memory.

This is how important we are to you

Niyi Muyi is the lead photographer at iShoot Photography, an accountant turned photographer. He dropped the pen for the camera because of a passion for creativity and art fueled by the desires to help you retain memories in digital and print formats that will last for posterity and become part of you family history

Niyi Muyi has had the privilege of mentoring and teaching other photographers in the fundamentals and art of photography on platforms such as the AAF African Artist Foundation as well as being a facilitator on photography classes at BNM Accociates an affiliate of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)